Oh, hello.

My name is Justin Smith. I make websites. This is what I’ve been working on.


Python Django + React.

Wisr is a platform for connecting students at colleges and universities with alums from that university for mentoring and career advising. We created a private network for each institution, which in-turn helps to bolster student success and alumni engagement.

Each Wisr site is highly customized to based on the needs of the students at each school. We were a small team at a scrappy startup, working in an industry that evolves slowly and expected enterprise level configurability. As the only UX/UI designer on the team, and the only person with experience working in React, I touched every piece of our product, from product design and planning, to designing and building features.

The Groundwork Admin

Python Django + React.

The Groundwork was founded to create a tech platform for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. That same technology was spun off as a Platform-as-a-Service product which provides those same tools to non-profits and NGOs. The Admin app provided customers with a place to configure the platform, manage donation, supporter and event data, and view interactive reporting.

The Groundwork Admin was a single page React/Redux app, built on top of a Django Rest Framework backend which served as a passthrough to a microservice architecture. We used Babel to translate ES2015/16 to web-safe JavaScript.

Hyr Medical

Rails + React.

Hyr Medical is a Cleveland-based startup building a platform that connects doctors and hospitals for part time work. Hyr"s two-sided marketplace allows hospitals to post job openings, and physicians to view and apply for jobs.

For the first half of 2017, I was the CTO of Hyr Medical. I worked closely with a team of designers and developers at Lean Dog to architect, design, and build the MVP. I was also very involved in fundraising and attended several investor pitches, while working closely with the CEO and CMO to refine the business strategy.

Supporter Signup Block

Front End Dev, UX Design.

The Groundwork created a series of tools to allow new organizations to quickly spin up and deploy customized "blocks" for data capture. A Donation Block allowed customers to configure and embed a donation form on their site in minutes. Additionally, we built a Supporters Signup Block, which accepted a wide variety of customizable user data. We also created a Builder utility for each Block, which provided customers with a UI for configuring and customizing their Blocks prior to embedding them into their websites.

The Supporter Signup Block was built on top of a custom JavaScript framework, which utilized jsx templating, and vanilla JavaScript for configuration logic. Each Block was embedded via a single script element, with custom data attributes for configuration.


Rails App.

aParently is a tool for parents of children in a shared group (i.e. a classroom, a dance class) to connect and collaborate. With aParently, they can easily coordinate car pools, playdates, or share important news.

This MVP was built as a mobile-first web app, using Rails and deployed to Heroku. I worked remotely, with a very small team of part-time engineers and a designer. The final product was beta-tested in a number of classrooms at private schools in New York City.

TruTV Research

Research, Digital Strategy.

In 2015, TruTV was rebranded, and began airing new comedy and reality-based shows. As part of this rebranding, all of their digital assets were reviewed and updated to capture and engage a new audience.

Working with a longtime agency partner, I led the digital strategy portion of the rebrand. We conducted analysis of existing usage of digital properties, competitive analysis, and developed a guide for best practices. We provided direction and tooling for creating a consistent brand experience across a wide variety of media including video streaming platforms, social media, websites, microsites, and mobile apps.

HPE Marketing Site

Information Architecture, UX Design.

HP rebranded the enterprise portion of their business as HPE in 2015. We developed a website to introduce and detail out the new video guidelines to marketing partners.

In partnership with a New York-based video production agency, I developed the information architecture and a series of wireframes for the brand guidelines website.

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